Quick Start #3 - Wrap-up

It's been a while since the previous guide that went through building a deck on a budget, and this portion of the Quick Start Guide will serve mainly as a wrap-up so we can move on to other topics. First, though, I went through 5 placement games with the FJS list from last time and added commentary. Apologies for the shoddy audio quality; my microphone was on the fritz.

Some of the main takeaways in no particular order:

ECQ Price of Freedom - A Beginner's Experience

Hello everyone! As many of you know, this is my fifth week of Eternal. It has been quite the fun journey; one without an end point in sight. This past weekend I had the privilege of playing ECQ in front of ~900 people for my 28 games. While initially concerned about doing this without a delay; I believe having the community was the biggest win I could have asked for. Here are my thoughts leading up to and during the event.

Quick Start #2 - Making a Deck on a Budget

There are plenty of lists for budget aggro decks for new players. If you want to jam games quickly for not too much shiftstone, check out AhornDelfin's lists here: https://eternalwarcry.com/decks?dn=ultra%20budget&c=AhornDelfin. [Editor's note: You can also find a selection of extreme budget lists on our site.]