New Player Guide

Welcome to Eternal! The following is a guide to help get you on your way to building a collection and competing on the ladder (Ranked) as well as an introduction to the AI modes of Eternal (Gauntlet and Forge). While a rudimentary knowledge of CCGs in general is helpful, I will cover the basics extensively.

This guide assumes you have completed the tutorial, and have all the modes of play unlocked.

Extreme Budget Deck Series

​As a paid player who'd crafted complete sets of each card in the game, when Set 4 landed I faced the prospect of farming over 30 new rares (to say nothing of legendaries) just to keep my experiments viable enough to play in ranked. It was too much. While I'm sure many players have provided more financial support to DWD than I have, I've paid for easily a handful of at-release AAA titles and I'm the kind of person who waits for Steam sales.