Market Research - Fire, Part 2 - Skycrag, Praxis

Before I jump in to talking about the Skycrag and Praxis cards that fit into these shells, I would like to mention that in my previous article, when talking about mono Fire cards in category 2, I missed Groundbreaker. This was a grievous oversight, as Groundbreaker can be very important for decks with a lot of burn in them to ensure that the opponent doesn’t stabilize with a single Lumen Defender or what-have-you.

Anyway, back to our systematic approach to Markets.

Market Research - Fire, Part 1 - Mono Fire, Stonescar, Rakano


The single most common Fire market card is Bore, and for good reason. It is one of the most powerful cards that fit into category 2 in the game, let alone in Fire. When I make a Fire market, Bore is always the first card in, and while I am always willing to believe there is an exception, I have yet to remove Bore from a Fire market. Highly recommend.

However, I said we would go at this systematically, and so we shall.