Dark Frontier Spoiler: Street Urchin


First of all, I want to thank Direwolf Digital for giving me the opportunity to reveal what I think is a deceptively powerful new 1-drop for the upcoming expansion, Dark Frontier!

As a 1/2 for 1S, Street Urchin has an unassuming body. However, the first line of text reads "when the enemy player plays a spell, Street Urchin deals 1 damage to them." This has a number of potential applications. First, while 1 damage isn't a lot, it will add up over the course of the game if Street Urchin remains on the board. It provides damage generated from a 1-drop that does not require being able to attack with the unit. With a card like Zuberi, Outlands Warlord, the damage would be 2 per spell played by the opponent if one wanted to try Street Urchin out in Stonescar.

Far more plausible in my opinion would be to try a tempo list and include Beastcaller's Amulet and other infiltrate cards. Against an opponent that only had removal for Street Urchin (and no unit to block with), targeting Street Urchin would result in an infiltrate trigger and a 5/5 beast for us. They could instead let the infiltrate happen and then kill the 5/5 leaving us with Street Urchin and having dealt 1 damage. Maybe try running Direwood Beastcaller and Gorgon Fanatic alongside Cabal Spymaster to be able to keep the pressure and infiltrates coming.

The second line of text reads "pay 3 and twist Street Urchin to draw the top card of the enemy deck." With the starting 1/2 stats and assuming no additional health is granted to Street Urchin, you are able to activate twist two times for two cards. This means that late game compared to most other 1-drops this card generates quite a bit of value.

I can't say for sure how competitive Street Urchin will be, but with a few additional support cards in Dark Frontier I could see it being a key card for an infiltrate based Feln deck. Will we see that support in a couple of weeks or maybe in a set down the road? That's just part of the fun with speculating around spoiler season!

What sort of decks will you be brewing with Street Urchin?

Thanks for reading,