Patch 1.28 - Bloodscent Avisaur


Bloodscent Avisaur
New Promo Card: Bloodscent Avisaur

  • Over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to collect all four copies of the new card with your first versus win each day!

New Puzzles

  • New advanced puzzles are now available!
  • The collection of new puzzles brings the total puzzle count to over 100! So, a new achievement has been added for completing 100 puzzles.

Draft Update and Card Changes

  • Pack passing in Draft has been updated and there are multiple card balance updates. Please check out the full list of changes in the Draft and Card Changes tile.

AI Deck Updates

  • Several of the new and updated AI decks containing cards from The Dusk Road have been modified to reduce difficulty. As always, we’ll keep an eye on their performance and make any additional changes as needed.

UI Updates

  • All cards now indicate which set they’re from when full-zoomed in the deckbuilder.
  • Premium avatars for sale in the store can now be previewed on the playmat.
  • Theme decks for sale in the store will now highlight the rare cards they contain in the preview.
  • While not expected, if matching fails for any reason, you’ll now be notified and encouraged to queue again.
  • The new queue screen should now have indicators that display if you are experiencing poor internet connection.

Improved Network Stability

Matches should be more resilient to high latency networks. If you run into issues when attempting to reconnect, please send feedback through the options menu in game.


We've made multiple performance improvements across all platforms to reduce load times and smooth game play. As always, if you run into any performance issues, please send feedback through the options menu in game.

Bug Fixes


  • You can now change the quantity of a card in the Create All modal.
  • Bushes below the enemy totem should no longer cover your void.


  • Replay should no longer remove the Night visuals from the playmat.


  • When cards with dynamic costs are played by card abilities for free, they should no longer reduce the dynamic effect by 2.
  • Spells with Overwhelm should now properly redirect to the enemy player if their original target was removed in response.

Card Fixes

  • Thudrock, Arctic Artisan now has custom VFX for the Snowman created.
  • If Levitate’s target dies in response, you should now still draw the card.
  • Stirring Sands should now work if played from Great-Kiln Titan’s ability.
  • Units that cause a card to be drawn as a result of being played should now properly get the +1/+1 from Tesya, Omen Shaper if she is on top of the deck.
  • Panoptic Guardian should now still display the top card of a deck after that top card was changed from Scout.
  • Winter’s Grasp should no longer indefinitely stun units that were transformed at Night.
  • Dragonbreath targeting a unit with Overwhelm should still deal damage to the enemy player if the target was removed from play in response.
  • Valkyrie Bodyguard should no longer be able to use Killer if the player has no armor.
  • Pummel should no longer be playable unless you have an attacking unit.

1.28 Draft and Card Changes


Alu, Death Dreamer banner

Update to the Dusk Road Draft Format

  • To provide increased control over The Dusk Road draft experience, both Dusk Road packs passed in a draft will come from the same player (player A), and the Omens of the Past and The Empty Throne packs will come from the same other player (player B). We have also introduced a new collation system that will be used with Dusk Road packs (and other packs going forward) to help increase diversity among commons. These changes allow for better use of the signals from the first pack of The Dusk Road, in predicting what might show up in the second pack of The Dusk Road.
  • Players will now also have more control over the player passing to them for Omens of the Past and The Empty Throne.

Card Changes Aimed at Draft

  • Valkyrie Arcanist - Now 6JJ (instead of 5JJ)
  • Emerald Spear - Now 7J +4/+3 (instead of 6J +3/+3)
  • Frontier Confessor - Now 4J 3/2 (instead of 5J 3/4)

Justice-based draft decks, particularly those that tie up the ground and win in the air, were a little too dominant. These changes aim to slightly reduce how easy this is and hopefully open up diversity of draft strategies.

Cleaning Up Rules Around Void Interaction

  • Statuary Maiden - Now reads: Enemy units can't Entomb or Revenge. When an enemy unit dies, transform it into a +2/+2 Cudgel and draw it. (Instead of: Enemy units that die transform into +2/+2 Cudgels. You draw them.)
  • Steward of the Past - No longer has Enemy units entering the void are silenced. (Summon ability remains unchanged)

Statuary Maiden and Steward of the Past are among our more complicated cards, and have led to a variety of complex rules interactions, as well as inconsistencies in the game engine. The effects of these cards will now be easier to predict, and have a more clearly defined set of cards that they affect. In addition to alleviating issues with future design space, these changes separate the effects of the two cards, giving them more distinct play from one another.

Individual Card Changes

  • Dawnwalker - Now requires TTTT influence to return from the void.

With the change to Steward of the Past, we wanted to pull back on Dawnwalker, while also ensuring that it appears in dedicated Time decks. This change keeps Dawnwalker’s core functionality, while reducing how frequently it gets replayed in the early turns of the game.

  • Elysian Trailblazer - Now 5PP instead of 5P.
  • Elysian Pathfinder - Now 5TT instead of 5T.

We are adding an influence to each of these cards to increase the opportunity cost of splashing them in multi-faction decks.

  • Withering Witch - Now only hits undamaged enemies.

Withering Witch has been one of the more confusing cards from a rules perspective, and has led to unintuitive interactions and play patterns. This change preserves the intended functionality, while cleaning up rules confusion.

  • Black-Sky Harbinger - Now 4/5 (instead of 3/5)

Black-Sky Harbinger gives Feln a strong tool against a variety of decks, and helps promote more interactive gameplay. This change gives Feln more power in the six-drop slot, and may push more players to leaning on Black-Sky Harbinger. The change also gives Feln decks a wider range in stats, moving the Harbinger away from Feln Bloodcaster and Steward of the Past.

  • Devastating Setback - Now 3SS and the -2/-2 is this turn (instead of 4SS and the -2/-2 is permanent)

Devastating Setback gives Shadow decks a flexible card against both aggressive decks and more controlling ones, and we want to promote that type of counter-play and interaction. This change could push more decks to using Setback as a way to interact early against aggro.

  • Torgov, Icecap Trader - Now gets +3/+3 from 10 cards in your void (instead of 15)
  • Alu, Death-Dreamer - Now 5-cost (instead of 6-cost)

These are both cards with fun effects and interesting deckbuilding possibilities, and these buffs should open the door to more play.

  • Argenport Instigator - Now 2SS (instead of 2S)

We’ve been concerned about the speed and strength of Stonescar Aggro decks and wanted to reduce the ease with which Argenport Instigator can be paired with Fire one-drops, while preserving the card’s high power level. We expect that a second Shadow influence requirement will increase diversity among two-drops, while increasing the incentive to branch out into a greater variety of aggro decks.

  • Stonepowder Alchemist - Now 3JS (instead of 4JS)

Reducing the cost of Stonepowder Alchemist gives players another powerful tool against aggressive decks, while also adding a valuable dimension to certain Gunslinger strategies.

The Dusk Road Buffs

  • Hideout Pistol - Now +2/+0 (instead of +1/+0)
  • Callous Survivalist - Now 9SS (instead of 9SSS)
  • Battlefield Scavenger - Now 4 to ultimate (instead of 5)
  • Inquisitor's Halberd - Now gains +3 Armor (instead of +2 Armor)
  • Clutchkeeper - Now 14PPP (instead of 15PPP)
  • Yeti Furflinger - Now 3/4 (instead of 3/3)
  • Gear Master - Now 3TT 1/1 (instead of 4TT 2/2)
  • Talir's Intervention - Now gains 4 health (instead of 3), and can silence an enemy unit (instead of an attacking enemy unit)
  • Scrap Hound - Now gets +5/+5 when you sacrifice a Grenadin (instead of +4/+4)
  • Kaleb's Intervention - Now can kill a weapon or relic (instead of only weapons)

1.28.7 Balance Changes


Vara, Fate-Touched banner

We'll be patching out some additional balance changes in the next day or two, and it'll be another big one, with a lot of nerfs, and even more buffs. Normally, we’d prefer not to make a second large wave of changes so soon after a major balance patch, but we were a little too conservative in a couple of spots, and a little too aggressive in a couple of others. 

When we changed Statuary Maiden and Steward of the Past to be compatible with the rest of the game’s rule set, we knew that we’d need to make some follow-up adjustments, too. A lot of the game’s balance involved those two cards in ways that would need to change with their updates, and we had some of those changes ready, such as Dawnwalker’s.

Nevertheless, you guys quickly developed powerful ways to exploit the changes in void-interaction. While you also found extreme ways to fight back against these strategies, it quickly shifted the focus of the format away from some of the more fun aspects of the game’s experience, and ended up limiting some of the range of meaningful interaction. To address this, we’re pulling forward some important changes aimed at a bit more short-term upheaval to the metagame.

One additional note - when we were preparing for the last round of balance changes, there was a lot of community speculation and discussion about Tavrod, Auric Broker. Big victory conditions can often hog the credit, since they so frequently get to deal the killing blow. However, Tavrod doesn't appear to be out of line compared to other strong finishers. There was more of an issue with the efficiency of a couple nuts and bolts cards, contributing to Justice decks of all sorts being a little too resilient. We'll continue to keep an eye on him as the metagame evolves, but no changes to Tavrod are necessary, at the moment.


  • Elysian Pathfinder - Now 7TTT (was 5TT) 
  • Elysian Trailblazer - Now 7PPP (was 5PP)

Giving echo to cards that aren’t supposed to have it can be fun, but it can also lead to incredibly repetitive game-states (Makto, Piercing Grief, Second Sight, Excavate, we’re looking at you…). While it has proven challenging to balance, one of the biggest problems has been the lack of sufficient counterplay. We believe there’s potential here; however, we’ve decided to pull way back on the power level until a sufficient quantity and quality of counterplay can arise.

We knew there were problems with these two, but it was ultimately a (hotly debated, fwiw) mistake on our part to not take larger action in the last patch. 

  • Vara, Fate-Touched - Now "When you play another Shadow unit, play an additional Shadow unit from your void." (was "When you play Vara or another Shadow unit...)

Vara has always caused a number of rules problems behind the scenes with the “not-quite-summon” aspect of her ability. Additionally, her ability to chain so effortlessly with other copies of herself can greatly restrict the range of reasonable endgame strategies. The recent change to Steward of the Past was the tipping point, and while Vara-based strategies could definitely be beaten, she’s been cutting off the majority of non-Fast Aggro strategies. 

This change preserves her primary play pattern and high power ceiling, but now requires more investment and risk, with a lower floor.

  • Soulfire Drake - Now 6FFF (was 5FFF)

Soulfire Drake has long been a ranked powerhouse, and while it can provide for some very exciting games, the change to Steward of the Past has led to it running away with the five-spot in the majority of Rakano, Stonescar, Skycrag (and even some Praxis) aggro decks. It was also one of the bigger contributors to the meta being a little more about Charge than we’d like.

  • Protect - Now 2J (was 1J)

Protect is a classic – versatile and brutal in its efficiency. Unfortunately, costing only a single power and being able to do everything makes it difficult to then design other variations of this effect. In recent months, the tempo swings from Protect have been a major contributor to everything from fast Rakano decks winning on turn five through removal, to enabling cards like Makto, Tavrod, and Statuary Maiden. Powerful cards that can dominate the field of battle are an important part of the game, but when it’s too easy to protect them (i.e., not enough risk), the significance of many in-game decisions is reduced.

  • Wanted Poster - Now 2J (was 1J)

The change to Dawnwalker reduced its effectiveness as a countermeasure against “all-removal” decks. While the format was able to adjust, there was a little too much incentive to avoid playing units or to win as fast as possible. The best gameplay from Wanted Poster comes from taking the risk of putting one on a unit, then trying to kill it on your next turn to earn your reward. At one-cost, it was just getting played in the same turn as the removal spell a significant amount of the time. Getting card draw above rate for completing a quest can be great, but the cost has to be more appropriate for the difficulty of the quest.

  • Stonepowder Alchemist - Now 2/1 (was 2/2)

We knew reducing Stonepowder Alchemist’s cost to 3 was a substantial buff, but it did come in a little higher than we’d have liked. We wanted to preserve as much of its strength at countering aggressive fire strategies as we could, while introducing a few more weaknesses into the card, when facing midrange or control strategies. 

  • Entrapment - Now 4J (Was 3J)
  • Spiritblade Stalker - Now 6-cost ultimate (was 5-cost)
  • Roosting Owl - Now 2/3 (was 2/4)

While we made a few changes to Justice in draft last time around, we didn’t go far enough. In an effort to diversify the types of strategies that can work well in draft, we’ve pulled back slightly on the efficiency of some of its commons. Improving draft balance doesn’t necessarily mean nerfing a faction’s best commons. It’s ok for cards to be good, and it’s ok to weaken a faction by pulling back on a card in the middle of the pack, or even lower down.

  • Lastlight Druid - Now 4P 1/4 "Summon: Nightfall. When you end a turn at Night, transform each other unit you played this turn into a random unit with cost 1 greater." (was 3P 1/5 "Summon: Nightfall, Other units you play at Night transform into random units with cost 1 greater.")

While not intended as a nerf or a buff, Lastlight Druid needed to be reworked because of some rules problems stemming from its unusual timing.


  • Into the Furnace - Now fast (was slow)
  • Topple Tower - Now 0/5 (was 0/4)
  • Amaran Shoveler - Now 1 to use (was 2 to use)
  • Lunar Magus - Now 3/4 (was 2/4)
  • Reliquary Raider - Now 3TT 1/3 You gain 3 health when she blocks (was 5T 4/4 You gain 4 health when she blocks)
  • Seasoned Spelunker - Now +2/+2 while you have a relic (was +1/+1)
  • Stirring Sand - Now 4TT but plays the Sentinel exhausted (was 5TT and ready).
  • Parapet Sentry - Now has +2/+2 while you have a relic (was +1/+1)
  • Bellowing Thunderfoot - Now 5/5 (was 4/5)
  • Thudrock, Artic Artisan - Now 5/4 (was 5/3)
  • Amethyst Monument - Now makes a 4/4 Puma (was a 3/3)
  • Cabal Slasher - Now 2S (was 3S)
  • Iceberg Warchief - Now 5/3 that gives your Yeti +2/+0 and your spells +2 damage (instead of 5/4 that gives +1/+0 and +1 spell damage).
  • Ayan, the Abductor - Now 8-cost ultimate (was 9-cost)
  • Mask of Torment - Now 4TS (was 5TS)

One of the most fun parts of Eternal is exploring unknown formats and discovering what might be possible with the introduction of new cards or strategies. While we’re not looking for perpetual table-flipping, we have been a little more conservative in recent months than we’ve planned to be.

As always, we genuinely appreciate the full range of feedback you all send us, from the positive about what’s working particularly well, to the constructive about what might be an opportunity to improve. We won’t always hit the mark dead-on, but we are always going to read and absorb every piece of feedback we receive in our quest to make this game better and better. Thanks again for your support, and for being a part of such an awesome community!


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