Patch 1.26



Pale Rider Avatars: Available for a Limited Time

  • Collect all four Pale Rider premium avatars from the store for 300 gems each!
  • These avatars will only be available for a limited time.

Progression System Update

  • Level 59 for each faction has been updated to include the second upgrade of that faction’s basic totem.
    • If you are already level 59+, you will be granted your totem upgrade on login.
    • You still have to own the totem before you can use the upgrade.

Expanded Match History

  • Match History can now be expanded to see additional information about your previous games.
  • Additional information includes:
    • Factions of your opponent’s deck (based on the influence you saw them play)
    • Who went first
    • The deck you played
    • Who won
    • The turn on which the game ended
  • You can also view the complete order of all cards in your deck for a given game.


  • Access to Puzzles has been gated behind the completion of various stories of the Scion’s campaigns.


  • Deck searching has been added to the deck list display.
  • If you own premium copies of cards that are in your deck, there is now a one-button option to swap them in.
  • You can now click-through/skip campaign dialogue on the playmat.
  • Puzzles now offer the ability to retry them from the options menu and from the defeat screen.
  • The message of the day has been changed to only display once per day.

Reward Updates

  • Casual: Rewards increased to a series of bronze - bronze - bronze / bronze.
  • Ranked: Rewards after the last silver chest for a day have been increased to mimic Casual’s rewards: bronze - bronze - bronze / bronze.
  • Gauntlet: Rewards reduced for 2-6 wins. 7 wins still awards 3 silver chests.
  • You can now only make quest progress on the first win of each game in campaigns.

Matchmaking Updates

  • Deceleration, a system which would award you with fewer points on a win and take more points when you lost based on where the system thought you should be, has been removed.
  • Ranked: The matching system in Ranked should now favor matches within or closer to your rank.

Bug Fixes

Client Fixes

  • General
    • You should now be able to mute premium avatars during redraw.
    • Muting the enemy player should now mute the Obelisk totem’s ambient animations.
    • You should be able to interact with the options menu again when a selection array is up.
    • Cards with Destiny should now correctly be discarded to maximum hand size.
    • Shimmerpack copies should now correctly get double damage during the Sudden Death boss fight.
    • If a unit is temporarily granted a battle skill that was previously silenced twice, they wouldn’t receive the benefit of that battle skill. This should no longer occur and the unit should correctly get the battle skill a third time.

Card Fixes

  • Premium Journeyman Armorer should now create a premium Spiked Helm.
  • Copies of Triumphant Stranger should now correctly receive +1/+1 for each Stranger instead of +2/+2.
  • Unexpected Results should now properly be blocked by player aegis.

1.26.2 Hotfix Notes


Bug Fixes

  • General
    • Improved data caching at startup. This change will reduce initial login times significantly, after the first login.
    • Opponents using premium avatars should now display the number of relics they have in play again.
    • The playmat VFX for Icaria’s premium avatar should no longer display over unit VFX.
    • The playmat VFX for Eilyn’s premium avatar should no longer block unit hinting.
    • You should be able to use controllers to make all in-game card selections again.
    • Disabling totem interactions should no longer mute your own totem.
    • Expanded match history was showing a count for individual turns. It should now count your turns.
    • Link graphics should no longer appear under unit tokens.
    • The blocking icon that displays on units during blocking should now be visible again.
    • Having the void open during Revenge should no longer display a pink avatar image.
    • Multiple Android UI bug fixes.
    • Navigating between scenes, especially the playmat, should be faster on Android.
    • Fixed several issues around updating new files after installing. This should prevent cases where you could become stuck during these updates.
    • All cards should display their image in the deckbuilder deck list again.

1.26.3 Hotfix Notes


1.26.3 Reward Update

Reward Update

Based on community feedback and data collected, we've made the following tweaks to Gauntlet and Ranked rewards:

  • Chest rewards in Ranked and Casual have been accelerated and now begin on your first win of the day, alongside the First Win of the Day pack. Previously, chest rewards began with your second win.
  • Gauntlet rewards across the first four games have been increased:
    • 1 win: 1 wood chest
    • 2 wins: 2 wood chests
    • 3 wins: 1 bronze, 2 wood chests
    • 4 wins: 2 bronze, 1 wood chests

Bug Fixes

Card Fixes

  • Vara, Fate-Touched should no longer crash games when returning a unit with Revenge.
  • Midnight Gale should no longer lose Lifesteal due to zone transitions.


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