Patch 1.25 - The Tale of Horus Traver



New Campaign: The Tale of Horus Traver

  • A new campaign is now available!
  • Unlock 23 new cards as you experience the tale of Horus Traver.
  • 25,000 Gold or 1,000 Gems.

New Totems

  • Two new totems have been added to the store: the Xenan Obelisk and Stonescar Saloon!
  • Get the Xenan Obelisk for 900 Gems.
    • Custom animation when you have 8+ Power.
    • Uncover the hidden Clockroaches in the sand.
  • Get the Stonescar Saloon for 1,200 Gems.
    • Custom vulture that reacts to the enemy’s health.
    • Custom victory celebration.
    • Has multiple destructible pieces.

Progression System Updates

  • Level 20 for each faction has been updated to include the first upgrade of that faction’s basic totem.
    • If you are already level 20+, you will be granted your totem upgrade on login.
    • You still have to own the totem before you can use the upgrade.
  • The progression bars that represent experience points gained have been redesigned to better showcase the amount of points gained after a game.

Card Changes

  • Valkyrie Militant - Now gains 2 armor (up from 1) when you play a weapon.
  • Cabal Bludgeoner - Now a 3/3, up from 2/3.
  • Sandglass Sentinel - Now a 4/6 (up from 3/6) that gets +4 strength (up from +3) when you play a spell.
  • Topaz Drake - Now a 5/3, up from 4/3.


  • Advanced Filters now has a cleaner layout to accommodate an ever-growing list of sets.

Bug Fixes

Client Fixes

  • General
    • The premium version of Bad News should now work for the ‘Which Do You Want First’ hidden achievement.
    • Rarely, it was possible to get a corrupted wing in Jekk’s Bounty on mobile devices, resulting in a crash. This should no longer happen.
    • The keyboard should no longer present when leaving a card zoom in the deckbuilder.
    • Quests should no longer disappear briefly when they first display.
    • The ‘A Shard Bargain’ boss power in the Gauntlet should no longer be blocked by aegis.

Card Fixes

  • Minotaur Lighthoof’s summon ability should now be optional.
  • False Prince and Hooru Envoy should no longer treat some global cards as cards that directly targeted them.
  • Grenadin Cannoneer’s spark ability should now be blocked by aegis.
  • Champion of Impulse should no longer lose her Fire threshold ability after changing zones.
  • Cards transformed by Knucklebones should no longer preserve their cost reduction.