Patch 1.24


Seek Power banner

Faction Progress

  • You can now earn experience in each of the five factions.
  • Unlock a variety of rewards as you level up, including custom emotes, deck images and a premium avatar of each of the five Scions! (Faction totem upgrades coming soon!)


  • The Profile scene has been streamlined to remove load and ease transitions between its sub menus.

Bug Fixes

Client Fixes

  • General
    • The email field in registration should no longer be case sensitive.
    • The Eternal Throne totem should now respect the mute option.
    • The Deadly Diamond puzzle has been modified to remove an unintended solution.
    • Your Masters rank should now display properly in Ranked deck select.
    • UI
      • Idling during the special rules pop-up at the start of a game should no longer gate animations until it is dismissed.
      • Power cards should now properly display the red border in the deck list if you don’t own all copies in the deck.
      • Opponents using a premium avatar should no longer have their health clip through the frame.
      • The Knowledge Storm boss power should no longer remove Aegis.