Patch 1.18


Champion of Wisdom

1.18 Patch Notes


Theme Deck Quest Update

  • Players that haven’t completed all of their theme deck quests will now have a counter in their quest display to indicate when the next quest will come and what deck they’ll receive.


  • The 5 basic totems can now be purchased for 300 gems each. Additionally, their gold price has been reduced to 6,000.
  • Totems in draft and forge will no longer be random. These modes will now default to your most recently used totem.

Draft Matchmaking

  • Players can no longer pair with the same opponent within a single draft run.


  • Various UI improvements and updates throughout the client.
  • The resolution settings now has an option for ‘Native’.
    • Additionally, native is no longer forced when in full-screen.
  • Searching for “new” in the deckbuilder will now display all cards you own that you haven’t seen.
  • If you don’t have advanced deckbuilding turned on, you will now get a power count at the bottom of your deck list. Clicking this will allow you to control the power distribution of your deck.
  • You can now check out the upcoming season rewards from the leaderboards in your profile.
  • You can now report a player for having an inappropriate username from the playmat by interacting with their avatar.

Bug Fixes

Client Fixes

  • General
    • Timing out while having attackers declared should now correctly remove the attack blades as the turn passes.
    • The UX around the "A" key and selecting and de-selecting attackers should be more responsive, and less susceptible to the occasional issue where you had to wait for selections to be processed.
    • Players should no longer have to play a ranked game after a season reset in order to be placed on the draft leaderboard.
    • Android will now provide a warning when it can’t download the game due to lack of space.
    • Season dates in the ranked rewards display should now be correct when investigating your badge in the profile.
    • Entomb card presentations should no longer cover the playmat, preventing selections.

Card Fixes

  • Cabal Countess - Unit type is now correctly ‘Gunslinger Rogue’.

Card Updates

The following cards have been modified. For a limited time, you’ll be able to destroy copies you previously crafted for full value.

  • Azindel’s Gift - Now costs 7SSS, instead of 7S
  • Champion of Chaos - Now gains +1/+0 from each ability, instead of +1/+1
  • Champion of Wisdom - Now a 4/4 that gains +2/+2, instead of a 3/3 that gains +3/+3
  • Cobalt Monument - Now transforms into a 4/4, instead of 3/4
  • Crownwatch Paladin - Now a 2/1, instead of 2/2
  • Explorer Emeritus - Now a 0/2, instead of 0/1
  • Frontier Jito - Now costs 2F, instead of 1F
  • Jarrall Iceheart - Now a 6/7, instead of 6/6
  • Scaly Gruan - Now costs 2P, instead 3P
  • Soulfire Drake - Now costs 5FFF, instead of 5FF
  • Spire Chaplain - Now a 3/3, instead of 3/2
  • Staff of Stories - Now +0/+4, instead of +0/+5
  • Steward of the Past - Now costs 4SS, instead of 4S
  • Subvert - Now costs 4SS, instead of 4S
  • Thunderstrike Dragon - Now a 5/6, instead of 5/5
  • Tundra Explorer - Now 3P for a 3/3, instead of 2P for a 2/2
  • Umbren Reaper - Now costs 5SSS, instead of 5SS
  • Windshaper - Now 4P for a 2/4, instead of 5P for a 2/5
  • Withering Witch - Now a 1/1, instead of a 1/4