Market Research

Greetings people of Earth! Or at least, internet-connected, card-game-playing people of Earth. I am RousseausDisciple (feel free to call me Rousseau), and I am here to talk about Eternal theory. The format of my articles may vary in the future, but for now I would like to start with a ubiquitous scenario on the Eternal Ranked ladder: you play a merchant, pitch a card, and open up your marketplace. What cards do you want to see?

Obviously this question is very deep. It is deck-dependent, matchup-dependent, and faction-dependent. I think there are some useful answers to be had, however, if we go at it systematically.

General Strategy

Generally, when I open my marketplace, I am looking for cards in one of three categories:

  1. Cards my deck relies on and to which it needs maximum access.
  2. Powerful answer cards. This includes both generic answers strong against a lot of different cards and narrow answers that solve specific problems.
  3. Cards that attack from a different angle than my main deck.

There are some decks that forego one of these three cards in their market for various reasons, but often it is valuable to include at least one card from each category in a marketplace, regardless of which deck you choose to play. If nothing else, I at least make sure I have a reason for excluding this flexibility from my marketplace.

From here, I would like to start analyzing marketplaces by faction. I will talk about common options in each faction’s market, and also options that I consider when I build decks that I don’t see very often.

Ixtun MerchantWinchest MerchantAuralian MerchantKerendon MerchantJennev Merchant